Project USUM PU Ladder Achievements

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Have you ever been bored laddering? If so, then this is for you! The aim of this thread is to create goals for players to achieve in order to have more fun while laddering.

General Achievement Rules

  • All battles must be on the [Gen 7] PU ladder on Pokémon Showdown.
  • You must provide a replay or screenshot, accompanied by a pokepaste/pastebin where required.
  • You may get multiple achievements from the same battle.
  • You must win the battle to get the achievement.
  • You may count battles that end in forfeits if the opponent has 2 or fewer pokémon left. You may not count battles that end in forfeits for achievements that say "no forfeits".
  • Similarly, you may count time-outs if they have 3 or fewer pokémon left. Achievements with "no forfeits" do not allow you do submit replays with time-outs either.
  • If I can't figure out what I'm looking at, I'm just going to assume you got nothing; therefore, please don't make up new names for the achievements unless it's obvious what you mean and list the turns on which any requirements happened e.g. "(replay) Kamukaze (turns 3, 7, 16)."
  • You may not get any achievements if your opponent starts with 4 or fewer pokémon.
  • You must use an alt that contains the prefix 'PULA' e.g. 'PULA Taskr'. (You can make as many of these alts as you want as long as it has the correct prefix. If you post an achievement with an alt that does not have the correct prefix you risk your achievement not being valid.)
  • If you've got a good idea for an achievement feel free to pm me your idea and it might be added.
Bronze Tier

Where He At Doe?
Bring only 5 Pokemon to a game.
Achievers: tondas, jonago, Squash17

You Leave Me With No Choice!
Use a team of only choice-locked Pokemon. Pokepaste required.
Achievers: tondas, Squash17

Win with a Pokemon on your team that is ZU or lower.
Achievers: jonago, TTK

Getting Somewhere
Win 20 battles on your 'PULA' alt.

Up and Coming
Get to 1300 ELO on your 'PULA' alt.

Use the Kanto form of a Pokemon with an Alolan form.
Achievers: jonago, TTK

Win 6-0. No forfeits.

Use a team of only Pokemon weighing 20kg or less.

Use a team of only Pokemon weighing 150kg or more.

Win a battle with all Pokemon on your team starting the battle without a held item. Pokepaste required.

No More Mood Swings
Win a battle with all Pokemon having the same nature. Pokepaste required.

Fairy Fan
Win using 6 Pokemon from the 'Fairy' Egg group.
Achievers: jonago

Ore you okay?
Win using 6 Pokemon from the 'Mineral' Egg group.

'We do have a lot in common'
Win using 6 Pokemon from the 'Human-Like' Egg group.

Using a Regirock, click 'Drain Punch' against an opposing Gurdurr.

Malcolm in the Middle
Win a game with only middle-evolution Pokemon.

Zo Many Options!
Win with all 6 of your Pokemon holding a Z-Crystal. Pokepaste required.

Yam I Sam
Win a game without using any form of hazard control.
Achievers: jonago, TTK

Lord of the Sample Teams
Win a battle using a Sample Team.

A Kir-ndred Spirit
Win using only Pokemon listed on the DPP PU Viability Rankings.

"Alola to New Adventure!"
Win using only Alolan-forme Pokemon.

HJAD and the gang
Win with all 6 of your Pokemon holding an Assault Vest. Pokepaste required.


Silver Tier

Super Underrated
Win with a team of only ZU or lower Pokemon.
Achievers: jonago, TTK

Meme Dream
Use a team of 6 Pokemon that are unranked on the PU Viability Rankings.
Achievers: jonago

Let the Storm Rage On
Activate all four weather conditions in a battle (Sun, Rain, Hail, and Sandstorm).

Leaving Low Ladder
Reach 1500 ELO on your 'PULA' alt.

Hot Turkey
Win 9 battles in a row on a 'PULA' alt.

50 Shades of PU
Win 50 battles on a 'PULA' alt.

Just Getting Started
Win a battle using only starter pokemon and their evolutions.

Greed Pays Off Sometimes
Set up to +4 (x3) in any offensive stat (includes speed) and sweep the opposing team (KO 2 or more opposing Pokemon).

One-Man Army
Win with a team consisting of 1 Pokemon.

Close Call
Win with 1 Pokemon left with 1 HP. Shedinja is banned, A screenshot of the HP stat is required.

Attack! Attack! Attack!
Win a battle using only attacks - no status moves.

Slow as a Snail
Win a battle with all Pokemon holding a Lagging Tail. Trick, Switcheroo, Bestow, or Fling cannot be used. Pokepaste required.

Olympus Mons
Win with only legendary/mythical/UB Pokemon.

Too soon?
Finish a battle in 15 turns or less against an opponent with a full team.
Achievers: TTK

The Fource Is Strong With This One
Win using a team where every Pokemon has a 4x weakness.

Just a Phaze
Have two or more of your opponent's Pokemon feint from entry hazards.

Who's your favourite PU Room Moderator?
KO an opposing Pokemon using a Jigglypuff holding the item 'Choice Specs'
Achievers: jonago

True Technician
Win using only attacking moves that have 60 base power or less. Status moves are allowed.

Tjay needs a new nickname
Win using only the attacking moves Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Shadow Force, Shadow Punch and Shadow Sneak. Status moves are allowed.

Don't Tone it down
Win using only 'Ball and Bomb' moves. Status moves are allowed.

An Aaronboyer Day Out
KO all 6 of the opposing Pokemon whilst Sunny Day is active.
Achievers: TTK

Real Men
Win a battle with all Pokemon on your team holding a Toxic Orb. Pokepaste required.


Gold Tier

Blazing Turkey
Win 20 battles in a row on your 'PULA' alt. Screenshot must show 0 losses. You are allowed to reset your wins and losses.

Earn Your Stripes
Earn a ranking in the top 50 of the ladder.

Underrated and Underappreciated
Win with a team of LC Pokemon.

A Splashing Success
Get 6 KOs after using Z-Splash with the Pokemon that used it. No forfeits.

Win 200 battles on your 'PULA' alt.

Let's Go!
Sweep using a Pikachu or an Eevee (3 or more KO's in a row that ends the battle).

Stats Don't Mean Nothing
Win with a team of Pokemon below 400 BST.
Achievers: tom holland

In Practice
Win with a team of Pokemon having only 3 moves. Pokepaste required.

Stack 'em Up
End a battle with Stealth Rock, 3 layers of Spikes, 2 layers of Toxic Spikes, and Sticky Web up on the opponent's field.

Gotta Go Fast!
Have a Pokemon reach over 768 Speed. Screenshot required.

Running Away From a Fight
Win a battle by only using Volt Switch, U-Turn, and/or Parting Shot.

Hoist By His Own Petard
Get 3 KOs with Foul Play.

The Struggle Is Real
Cause the opponent to use Struggle.
Achievers: Estarossa

Spin To Win
KO an opposing Pokémon by hitting them with Rapid Spin.

Counter Sweep
Sweep after stealing stat boosts from your opponent (e.g. with Snatch, Imposter, Psych Up).

Have a battle last 100 turns or more.

This Ain't STABmons
Win a battle using only moves that do not share a type with the active Pokemon. Status moves included.


Platinum Tier

Win a battle by only dealing residual damage and entry hazards damage.

Great Wall of China
Win a battle lasting at least 100 turns with all of your Pokemon remaining unfainted at the end.

Make Tlenit Proud
Top the Ladder. Screenshot required.

Win in 6 turns against an opponent with a full team. No forfeits.

Steady Beat
Win a battle using only the move Metronome.

Prevent a Pokémon from moving by flinching it 5 turns in a row.
Achievers: Estarossa

Can't Touch This
Win 6-0 with all of your mons on full HP and none of them statused. No forfeits.

Earn a GXE of at least 90.

Dibs the Doodler
KO every Pokemon on the opposing team with a Smeargle. No forfeits.
Achievers: tom holland

The name's Bears, Yogi Bears
Win 52 battles in a row on your 'PULA' alt. Screenshot must show 0 losses. You are allowed to reset your wins and losses.


Achievement Enthusiast - Earn at least 10 achievements

Achievement Expert - Earn at least 25 achievements

Achievement Master - Earn at least 50 achievements

Leaderboard - (Bronze = 1pt, Silver = 2pts, Gold = 3pts, Platinum = 4pts)
jonago - 11
TTK - 9
Estarossa - 7
tom holland - 7
Squash17 - 2
tondas - 2
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Loved this when it was done in uu, be fun to be able to do this again in a diff tier. (Remembering why this didn't work now though, forfeitting is a serious problem that just ruins these projects).

[Editing achievements in.]

Where he at Doe? [Bronze Challenge] -
You Leave Me No Choice! [ Bronze Challenge] -
Underrated [Bronze Challenge] -
Tourist [Bronze Challenge] -
Unarmed [Bronze Challenge] -

Super Underrated [Silver Challenge] -
The Struggle Is Real [Gold Challenge] -
0.07776% [Platinum Challenge] - [Turn 26-30]

Dibs The Doodler [Platinum Challenge] - finally someone was decent enough to not forfeit lmao
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[BTW This is getting edited over time so I dont flood with my achievements wanna keep my certy message:reaction oel]

Tourist, Underrated and Yam I Sam complete
We do have a lot in common

Too soon complete, An Aaronboyer Day out
Spin to win turn 5 kill.​

That's it for now folks gonna get a lot more. GRIND TIME!
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UTA Overlord
Lords of Sample Team (Bronze) and Yam I Sam (Bronze)

Lightweight (Bronze)

Fairy Fan (Bronze) and Who is your favorite PU room moderator? (Silver) (Turn 22)

A Kir-ndred Spirit (Bronze)

Spin to kill (Gold) + Great Wall of China (Platinium) + Perseverance (Gold)
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Where he at doe? (Bronze)
Yam I Sam (Bronze)
Greed pays off sometimes (Silver)

Underrated (Bronze)

Tourist (Bronze)

Heavyweight (Bronze)
Slow as a snail (Silver)

Super underrated (Silver)
Malcolm in the middle (Bronze)
A kir-ndred spirit (Bronze)

These are a blast to do, cool idea
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Real Men (Silver)

For the record, I definitely didnt completely forget to put guts on flareon. It must be a bug or something idk

You leave me with no choice! [Bronze Tier]
Yam I Sam (Bronze)

Stats Don't Mean Nothing (Gold)
Underrated and Underappreciated (Gold)
Underrated (Bronze)

Too soon? (Bronze)
Where He At Doe? (Bronze)
Dibs the Doodler (Platinum)
Greed Pays Off Sometimes (Silver)

Malcolm in the Middle (Bronze)
Stack 'em Up (Gold)
Gotta Go Fast! (Gold) I dont think the screenshot worked, but i had max speed combusken at +6

Preservation (Bronze)
In Practice (Gold) (I assume this counts, since all the mons had fewer than 3 moves)
Running Away From a Fight (Gold)

Pacifist (Platinum)

The Fource Is Strong With This One (Silver)
Zo Many Options! (Bronze)

Hot Turkey (Silver)

Getting Somewhere (Bronze)
Up and Coming (Bronze)


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The fource is strong with this one (Silver)

You leave me with no choice! (Bronze)

The struggle is real (Gold)

Underrated and underappreciated (Gold)
Stats don't mean nothing (Gold)

Spin to win (Gold)
Turn 17

Lightweight (Bronze)
Gotta go fast! (Gold)



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Where He At Doe? [Bronze] + Olympus Mons [Silver]

You Leave Me With No Choice! [Bronze] + Yam I Sam [Bronze] + No More Mood Swings [Bronze] + Attack! Attack! Attack! [Silver]

A Kir-ndred Spirit [Bronze]

Just Getting Started [Silver]

Super Underrated [Silver] + Meme Dream [Silver] + Underrated and Underappreciated [Gold] + Stats Don't Mean Nothing [Gold]

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